Football Matches to Commence Soon in August

Fans of football in Uruguay do not have long to wait since August is the month that the games would reopen. However, it was initially slated to start from 8th August but it seems that restart of the matches would be delayed for a week more. There were reports of a new outbreak of the virus in Montevideo. That certainly puts the match between Penarol and Nacional on the backfoot. It is likely that it would be held on 14th August instead.

Many had marked 8th August as the date when the matches would commence in the country, a date set in the national association’s calendar. The Montevideo outbreak would probably delay it for a week or so. The match that is awaited is the head to head between Penarol and Nacional. That is mainly due to the pandemic which has some increase in cases being reported in the capital city. However, the football association has assured that the restart would only be delayed till the 14th of August and it would restart in the same month.
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