Uruguay XXI, Promoting With Football, Religion In Uruguay

Wine, the best gastronomy of Uruguay, and football had been celebrated at Emirates stadium. The brand of the country called Uruguay Natural is known to have traveled to London only last week for using friendly matches at Emirates Stadium against Brazil as a platform for promoting and positioning the country abroad.

The match, which had taken place on 16th November where the Uruguayan national squad named Celestes have taken on the neighbors as a part of the international friendly scheme. Uruguay XXI, in the private box which is the body that is responsible to promote Uruguay abroad, have given the presentation on the country as a place to work, live, invest, and travel. It was the ideal opportunity for showing the perspective of the Latin American country to one number of investors, local businesses, journalists, and buyers in the football surrounding, the sport which is known to have ingrained Uruguayan culture and also national identity.

Fernando Lopez Fabregat, the Uruguayan Ambassador along with Larissa Perdomo Director of the country had welcomes the guest into the box for food and wine in a Uruguayan evening. The wine is known to have been paired by Uruguayan sommelier who is London based and has been sharing his expertise of the properly regarded grapes which the country has to offer. The guests had been presented with many traditional Uruguayan gifts.

Director of Uruguayan country brand, Larissa Perdomo have said that the United Kingdom is one of the important markets when it comes to the international marketing campaign. London is taken to be one of the most important opinion leaders from travel, investment, and also the lifestyle sectors. They had a great pleasure to share the vision for the Country Brand of this country with an influential work of the locals.