Uruguay hurt after defeat

Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez has revealed that the team was hurt following their heavy defeat against Brazil.

He said that this was a major disappointment as they were expecting a much better performance from the team especially given the fact that they were playing at home.

The coach said that football could be a funny game as you may be expecting a kind of result and get exactly the opposite.

He said that it was a damaging result morally as they were expecting a much better performance from the team. However, he admitted that the players picked themselves up remarkably and managed to get back to winning ways.

Oscar Tabarez said sometimes such defeat are blessings in disguise as it allows you to gauge yourself as a team and to find out where you need strengthening.

He said that Brazil was a far better time on the day and it is natural that they were beaten. He said that Brazil controlled the game well and did not give the players any time on the ball. He said that there is nothing to complain about as Brazil defended well and attacked in numbers. He stated that the players had recovered well ever since this defeat and they have learned to defend better as a team after this game.

Oscar Tabarez said that Uruguay has some good players, but they still need to learn how to play as a team. He said that football has evolved during recent years and that you cannot play as a collection of individuals anymore.

He said that there is still time until the end of the World Cup qualifiers, but it is important that the team learn to play together as soon as possible if they want to qualify for the next World Cup in Russia.